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Cancer Survivor Jim Galvanek Announces Release of 'The Ironman's Guide to Cancer Survival'

For Jim Galvanek, it all started with a heartwarming story, and became an accomplishment that had never before been achieved.

WASHINGTON, DC - The first Ironman triathlete to have ever completed the event following a bone marrow transplant for CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia) from an unrelated donor, announces that his new book 'The Ironman's Guide to Cancer Survival' is scheduled for release later this summer. Galvanek has taken cancer survival to new heights not just through his athletic achievements, but also through his work to help other cancer survivors via his extraordinary fundraising and website,

Galvanek's defiance of the odds, by his own admission, has led him to a higher purpose in his life, and this announcement only certifies his commitment to getting his unique and powerful message out to as many people as possible, be they cancer survivors themselves, friends or family members of survivors, fellow athletes, or those who just want to be inspired.

Jim's Incredible Story

Jim Galvanek was a young, twenty-seven year-old architect when he was diagnosed with CML in 1998. At the time, the only reliable treatment was to undergo a rigorous bone marrow transplant, which required that his entire blood and immune system be destroyed, and then replaced with that from a donor. The procedure is known as one of the most difficult medical procedures to withstand and Galvanek spent months in the hospital and over a full year before returning to work.

Galvanek's body accepted the transplant and he was on his way to a full recovery, but something in his life seemed incomplete. After becoming involved with a support and endurance athlete training group organized through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, he began to raise money for the LLS and train to run marathons. He eventually set his sights on the Ironman triathlon, a 140.6 mile event that includes a long swim (2.4 miles), a longer bike ride (112 miles) and then capped by full marathon (26.2 miles). Galvanek successfully completed his first Ironman in 2008 to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of his bone marrow transplant. Through the numerous events in which he has competed, he has raised more than $240,000 to support blood cancer research.

Contents and Release Dates for 'The Ironman's Guide to Cancer Survival'

The 'Ironman's Guide to Cancer Survival' has three distinct components. First, a reader will walk through Jim's story, from his life before cancer, to the diagnosis and treatment, and to the subsequent training that led him to completing not one, but two Ironman triathlons! Next, there are dozens of tips that are as pertinent for the cancer survivor as they are for someone simply wanting to lead a healthier and more productive life. Each set of tips in this section is linked to one of the legs of an Ironman triathlon, putting readers literally in Jim's shoes as they take this journey toward better personal wellness. Last, a reader will find a compelling discussion of giving back, and how to seize the day by setting powerful, action-based goals for personal success.

Having discovered a new life purpose as a cancer survivor, Jim Galvanek is a recognized leader in raising funds and awareness of how better to survive cancer. His upcoming book release, 'The Ironman's Guide to Cancer Survival', can be preordered through his website, later this summer. His accomplishments are unparalleled but his mission is simple, to help as many fellow cancer survivors and the people whose lives are impacted by this disease, as he possibly can.